Thursday, July 17, 2008

Information on Fiji and the Mamanuca islands holiday tours

To get a bird’s eye view of the many islands in the Fijian, you could charter a helicopter or seaplane from one of the many helicopter and aeroplane charter companies in Fiji. Soar above the beautiful Mamanuca islands and enjoy the breathtaking contrast of lilley snow white sands set against the beautiful turquoise blue Pacific Ocean. May, June and December are the best months to take one of these extensive tours because the waterfalls are particularly full and can be seen clearly from high above in the air.

Fiji is home to the world’s most beautiful soft coral reefs, and you must experience the beauty of this underwater world. Plan on taking scuba diving or snorkeling lessons to get you up close and personal with the sea’s most colorful characters. There are thousands of dive sites throughout the island chain, and the outer reef provides excellent opportunities for snorkeling for the less adventurous traveler. Do not miss the opportunity to experience the beauty and majesty of Fiji’s coral reef world.

Finally, no trip to Fiji would be complete without a must include visit to Navala Village. This Fijian village features homes that are cast from traditional materials that the native peoples used for centuries before any European contact. Their houses are known as bures and they are made traditionaly from bamboo and thatch. It's a great way to get a sample and taste of the rich customs of the native Fijian people and a chance to step back in time in this outstanding historic village.

A vacation or a holiday to Fiji is a opportunity to rest and unwind from the hustle and bustle that in today’s Western world. Why not give yourself what you deserve and bask in the friendly warmth of local Fijian customs and the amazing beauty of tropical rainforests and vast ocean reefs. Start planning your next getaway to this jewel in the Pacific and getaway to this enriching island chain.


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