Thursday, July 17, 2008

Are you thinking about visiting Fiji? Don’t Miss These Awesome Attractions!

For those lucky enough to be visiting Fiji, there are a huge number of activities available that it's crazy to comprehend. However, with most travelers who do not have an unlimited budget or for that matter an unlimited amount of time to spend exploring the islands, one has to plan very carefully. When thinking about taking a trip to these beautiful islands in the Pacific, you must carefully plan what you are going to see and do and it is very important to include a list of your itinerary.

Firstly, any trip to Fiji must include a day cruise amongst the beautiful Mamanuca Islands. This chain of islands has over 30 tiny islands that can be found just off the Nadi coast. Some of these islands are uninhabited but they all provide a calm retreat from the active and busy main islands. Many cruise companies will offer a day trip that will hop around several of these islands. You will come face to face with magical dolphins, have the fantastic opportunity to enjoy fishing and snorkeling on the reefs and even enjoy a barbeque and a beer on the beach with your fellow cruise mates. This is the way to experience the vast culture and beauty of theses well known islands.

To experience the true beauty of Fiji, you must consider visiting the Bouma National Park which can be found on the island of Taveuni. This area is a protected tropical rain forest that has volcanoes, mountains and ranges, cliffs, beautiful blue waterfalls and a vast array of tropical flora and fauna. Enjoy hiking through the bush under the careful watch of your local guide or visit the Tavoro Falls which is a group of three waterfalls deep in the vast green jungle. Please make sure that you bring your camera or video equipment because you will want to capture the emerald beauty of a Fijian rain forest.

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