Thursday, July 17, 2008

Things to Do with Kids in Hawaii

Most people think that Hawaii only offers sun, surf and sand and they couldn’t be further from the truth. There is so much more for a family to do when visiting the islands of Hawaii and this could include taking advantage of some world-class skiing!

Hawaii is home to Mauna Kea which when it is measured from the depts of its undersea base to the top of its 13,000-foot summit, it is indeed the tallest mountain in the world! So if you are visiting Hawaii in the winter, did you know that you can actually ski on Mauna Kea! However, skiing and snowboarding are not the draws that brings most tourists and locals alike to the summit. At the top of this awe inspiring mountain is the sunrise, sunset and stargazing tours. This experience, which starts at the base of the Mauna Kea is where professionally trained guides who take guests in luxurious ATV's to the mountain’s summit where there is an astronomy observortory located. Here, guests can view the sky, stars and planets from the mega-sized telescope found in the observatory. A dinner is also included, aslo coats for each guest because it can be surprisingly cool at the top of this mountain. This adventure is a great family activity that many people do not get to experience on the island of Hawaii. This trip lasts around 8hrs, so you must plan on spending the whole day at this excellent adventure. Please keep in mind, however, that young children (5 and under) are not advised to participate as the extreme height can lead to altitude sickness.

There is one problem the world over that many kids experience on vacation, and that is boredom! Parents only look forward to spending time unwinding and relaxing but kids crave action 24/7! There's one way to visit remote areas of the Hawaii while helping kids use up all their energy and that is taking a bicycle tour. There are many tour companies who rent bicycles, so if you and your family want some unique action, why not take a two-wheeled tour of parts of the island you'd never other wise visit. Pack a big picnic lunch and spend a day exploring the Hawaiian island beauty paradise!

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