Sunday, July 20, 2008

Micronesia - Holiday Information on Palau

If you are looking for a magical getaway that is so far away from modern civilization then maybe you should consider a holiday to the fantastic islands of Micronesia. One of the most highly recommended resorts to stay in Micronesia is the Palau Pacific Resort. It has been said that this is the best place to go when looking to explore the sights and attractions of this untouched island paradise!

The Palau Pacific Resort can offer you all of the amenities that you would expect from any luxury resort found anywhere in the world. It is situated on its own private white sand beach and has 64 acres of tropical gardens for you to explore and lose yourself in. This resort boasts only 160 rooms so you are guaranteed excellent service from any of the resort staff. There are a few choices of rooms from suites that overlook the beautiful blue waters of the Pacific or you could choose a garden terraced room that faces the gardens. The Palau Pacific Resort offers both standard rooms and luxury suites and therefore is very budget friendly. Every view is breathtaking and each room has its own terrace for you to enjoy the extremely warm tropical sea and air!
If you are a scuba diver then you will love this resort because it is located on some of Palau’s best diving sites and reefs. Check this out, the Palau Pacific Resort has its very own diving school that offers all kinds of classes and for all skill levels! The waters of Palau offer virtually unlimited visibility and is home to 1000's of species of fish and sea life, therefore making Palau one of the world’s most sort after scuba diving locations.

Scuba divers will love this resort because it is located on some of Palau’s best diving sites. In fact, Palau Pacific Resort has its own diving school that offers classes for all skill levels. The waters off the private beach offer nearly unlimited visibility and are home to thousands of species of fish, making Palau one of the world’s greatest locations for scuba diving.


ghettosmyrf43 said...

hey i was wonderin how much it cost to not only fly but to stay there...i am a scuba diver and am just lookin for a travelin expierence...second thing anywhere i can find more info and any cheap hotels other than the one you mentioned.

shane said...

google it, i'm sure there are some really good package deals for palau

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