Sunday, July 20, 2008

Features at the Palau Pacific Resort

Once done with all the things to be found through exploration, get back to the Palau Pacific Resort which offers a huge range of fun activities to help you relax, rest and unwind. Why not bask in the glow of the tropical sun all the while you could enjoy the delightful services found at the Elilai Spa. This spa offers private villas for either 1 or 2 guests. There is nothing that can compare to this that is as relaxing as receiving spa treatments in the privacy of your very own room all the while being surrounded by this lush beauty of a tropical rain forest. This wonderful resort also offers fully equipped exercise facilities found in the up to date gym and is even complete with outdoor Jacuzzis to help you relax after a taxing workout. If you prefer to play a round of tennis, they have courts as well here at the resort and they are open for not just in the daytime but the nighttime as well.

One thing that is a must do while staying in Palau and that is the native culture nd history that can be found in the island paradise. There are many tors to be found yet the resort also offers several tours that you can take to explore this historic place. Kayaking is still one of the best ways to really get a feel for the area and truely lap up the experience and history especially that on the World War 2 era where you can see find and see wrecks of both planes and ships and also not forgetting some of the world’s most beautiful tropical foliage when you take a paddle around Palau and the surrounding islands.

The Palau Pacific Resort also has its very own tropical fish pond where here you can see over 200 fish species in a life like reproduction of a coral reef environment. After your visit to the aquarium you can then go and enjoy the luxury of a freshwater beachside swimming pool. No trip to Palau is complete without the magical dolphin encounter. “Dolphins Pacific” is a dolphin research facility that is open to the general public and visitors here are allowed to get an up close and personal to experience some of the ocean’s most intelligent and loveable creatures that are the dolphins. Is there a better way to end your experience in this island paradise.