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The best place to stay when visiting the Cook Islands is Rarotonga. This island offers guests the chance to explore a rare cloud forest, which is a rainforest that literally touches the heavens. Many of the plants you will see on Rarotonga are unique to the Cook Islands, so be sure to take plenty of pictures. You can explore the interior of the island by a guided cross-country hike or four-wheel drive safari. There are ten luxury resorts to choose from on Rarotonga. All have their own restaurants and access to a private beach. Many of the beaches are open for swimming, and those hotels that have swimming beaches offer snorkeling equipment for rent.

For a bicycling adventure, head to Mauke, an island that is half the size of Rarotonga at only just over eleven miles in circumference. The avid bicycler can span the island in one day, and explore raised coral reefs, swamps, forests, and a wild world that is untouched by the resort crowd. There are no paved roads on the island, making it a rustic paradise. Keep your eyes open for wild pigs that inhabit the island!

For a vacation that is miles away from the tourist traps of many Pacific islands, head to the Cook Islands. Base your trip out of Rarotonga, and explore as many islands as you can. You never know what tropical secrets you will discover!

Information on the Cook Islands as a tourist destination

There is a place in the South Pacific that is basically untouched by modern life and that is the Cook Islands and it's the perfect destination. The Cook Islands or Rarotonga as it is also known as is a group of 15 islands spread out across the Pacific Ocean and has only around 14,000 people populating it's shores. Each island in this group is a very unique experience that can offer you a culture and friendliness that you will not find anywhere else in the world. If you want a truly rewarding experience with the native people of Polynesia then this is the place for you!

A good idea on your first stop in this island paradise might be the island of Aitutaki. This island offers an untouched movie like experience paradise surrounded by a sparkling turquoise lagoon that is full of colourful fish and sea life. There is also shopping in the main village in Arutanga where you can buy locally made goods without the huge crowds of tourists that you may face at the more popular tourist island destinations. One definite must do while visiting Aitutaki is to take a cruise of the island’s lagoon and a place called One Foot Island is a great spot for a picnic and some snorkeling. For the scuba or snorkle diving enthusiast, the seas and reefs around Aitutaki are full of excellent dive spots and are abound with bright coral reefs and beautiful fish and sea life.

If you are looking for an even better and more remote island to visit then Atiu is for you. There aren't as many beaches on Atiu, but the ones it does have are especially quiet, really clean, and so beautiful. This is where you can go to find the best place to find a deserted tropical island beach! A coral reef is nearby, so swimmers need to take care and avoid being scratched by living coral so a first aid kit would be best to have on hand. The road that runs around this island is framed in thick native brush of the forest and provides stunning views of the island and it's surrounding seas. You will also see native Cook Island craftsmen making Tapa into flowers and designing their own tapestries which they will gladly sell them to waiting tourists for the right price which will still be very cheap for the kind of quality you will find.

Attractions to explore in Guam - from surfing to diving

One of the most impressive locations to be found in Guam is Two Lover’s Point. There is a local legend that says that 2 Chamorro lovers jumped to their demise from this point when they were forbidden to get married. Putting this sad love story line aside, this point offers some of the best views that the island’s shoreline has to offer. For the braver traveler, look straight down the point for a simply awesome view of the waves crashing into the rocks at the base of the mountain. It’s something you’ll never forget.

See the video below.

The Island of Guam was a sort after island for both the Americans and Japanese in World War II and there are many wrecks scattered throughout the island. If you like scuba diving, the bomb craters left from World War 2 are now home to some of the most colourful species of underwater life found anywhere in the world. However, if you’re more of a land lover, the water is so crisp and clear that you can see the colourful fish without even getting into any diving gear!

Last but not least, Guam’s inland has some of the most stunningly beautiful waterfalls. Talofofo Falls is a thirty-foot waterfall that drops into a deep pool that is open for swimming. Here you can even explore the cave where a Japanese sergeant inhabited for thirty years, still thinking World War II was being fought.

Guam is a island paradise that is worlds away from the mainland of the United States and yet is still a part of America. To experience the friendliness and tranquility of Pacific life, you must visit this emerald island gem!

Information on Guam: The Undiscovered American Island Paradise

Guam is located in the Pacific Ocean south of Japan, in the group of islands known as Micronesia. In Guam, one can experience all the ambiance and beauty that a tropical paradise has to offer all the while enjoying the intrigue and mystery that is Asia.

What many people are unaware of is that Guam is a territory of the
United States. So this makes this island paradise the perfect holiday destination for Americans because there is no language barrier or money to exchange.

Guam is not a big island and is only thirty miles long at its widest point so you can very easily circle the island in a day. It is said that driving the circumference of Guam is the besy way to get your bearings as you spend your first day here. You will also be surprised by the very sharp contrast between the tourist side of the island, which is located in the Northwest around Tumon Bay , and the southern side of the island which is the native side. It is recommended to start your tour in the south because there is a restricted Air Force Base in the north.

While visiting Guam, you’ll probably end up staying in one of the torist resorts in Tumon Bay. Here luxury resorts will provide every amenity you could ever desire from private spas to water parks for the kids. Once you’ve settled in, you could spend your very first evening in Chamorro Village which is next to Paseo de Susana. This public market is a fantastic way to experience the awesome culture and traditions of the native Chamorro people - from crafts to local cuisine and clothing.

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Features at the Palau Pacific Resort

Once done with all the things to be found through exploration, get back to the Palau Pacific Resort which offers a huge range of fun activities to help you relax, rest and unwind. Why not bask in the glow of the tropical sun all the while you could enjoy the delightful services found at the Elilai Spa. This spa offers private villas for either 1 or 2 guests. There is nothing that can compare to this that is as relaxing as receiving spa treatments in the privacy of your very own room all the while being surrounded by this lush beauty of a tropical rain forest. This wonderful resort also offers fully equipped exercise facilities found in the up to date gym and is even complete with outdoor Jacuzzis to help you relax after a taxing workout. If you prefer to play a round of tennis, they have courts as well here at the resort and they are open for not just in the daytime but the nighttime as well.

One thing that is a must do while staying in Palau and that is the native culture nd history that can be found in the island paradise. There are many tors to be found yet the resort also offers several tours that you can take to explore this historic place. Kayaking is still one of the best ways to really get a feel for the area and truely lap up the experience and history especially that on the World War 2 era where you can see find and see wrecks of both planes and ships and also not forgetting some of the world’s most beautiful tropical foliage when you take a paddle around Palau and the surrounding islands.

The Palau Pacific Resort also has its very own tropical fish pond where here you can see over 200 fish species in a life like reproduction of a coral reef environment. After your visit to the aquarium you can then go and enjoy the luxury of a freshwater beachside swimming pool. No trip to Palau is complete without the magical dolphin encounter. “Dolphins Pacific” is a dolphin research facility that is open to the general public and visitors here are allowed to get an up close and personal to experience some of the ocean’s most intelligent and loveable creatures that are the dolphins. Is there a better way to end your experience in this island paradise.

Micronesia - Holiday Information on Palau

If you are looking for a magical getaway that is so far away from modern civilization then maybe you should consider a holiday to the fantastic islands of Micronesia. One of the most highly recommended resorts to stay in Micronesia is the Palau Pacific Resort. It has been said that this is the best place to go when looking to explore the sights and attractions of this untouched island paradise!

The Palau Pacific Resort can offer you all of the amenities that you would expect from any luxury resort found anywhere in the world. It is situated on its own private white sand beach and has 64 acres of tropical gardens for you to explore and lose yourself in. This resort boasts only 160 rooms so you are guaranteed excellent service from any of the resort staff. There are a few choices of rooms from suites that overlook the beautiful blue waters of the Pacific or you could choose a garden terraced room that faces the gardens. The Palau Pacific Resort offers both standard rooms and luxury suites and therefore is very budget friendly. Every view is breathtaking and each room has its own terrace for you to enjoy the extremely warm tropical sea and air!
If you are a scuba diver then you will love this resort because it is located on some of Palau’s best diving sites and reefs. Check this out, the Palau Pacific Resort has its very own diving school that offers all kinds of classes and for all skill levels! The waters of Palau offer virtually unlimited visibility and is home to 1000's of species of fish and sea life, therefore making Palau one of the world’s most sort after scuba diving locations.

Scuba divers will love this resort because it is located on some of Palau’s best diving sites. In fact, Palau Pacific Resort has its own diving school that offers classes for all skill levels. The waters off the private beach offer nearly unlimited visibility and are home to thousands of species of fish, making Palau one of the world’s greatest locations for scuba diving.

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Things to Do with Kids in Hawaii

Most people think that Hawaii only offers sun, surf and sand and they couldn’t be further from the truth. There is so much more for a family to do when visiting the islands of Hawaii and this could include taking advantage of some world-class skiing!

Hawaii is home to Mauna Kea which when it is measured from the depts of its undersea base to the top of its 13,000-foot summit, it is indeed the tallest mountain in the world! So if you are visiting Hawaii in the winter, did you know that you can actually ski on Mauna Kea! However, skiing and snowboarding are not the draws that brings most tourists and locals alike to the summit. At the top of this awe inspiring mountain is the sunrise, sunset and stargazing tours. This experience, which starts at the base of the Mauna Kea is where professionally trained guides who take guests in luxurious ATV's to the mountain’s summit where there is an astronomy observortory located. Here, guests can view the sky, stars and planets from the mega-sized telescope found in the observatory. A dinner is also included, aslo coats for each guest because it can be surprisingly cool at the top of this mountain. This adventure is a great family activity that many people do not get to experience on the island of Hawaii. This trip lasts around 8hrs, so you must plan on spending the whole day at this excellent adventure. Please keep in mind, however, that young children (5 and under) are not advised to participate as the extreme height can lead to altitude sickness.

There is one problem the world over that many kids experience on vacation, and that is boredom! Parents only look forward to spending time unwinding and relaxing but kids crave action 24/7! There's one way to visit remote areas of the Hawaii while helping kids use up all their energy and that is taking a bicycle tour. There are many tour companies who rent bicycles, so if you and your family want some unique action, why not take a two-wheeled tour of parts of the island you'd never other wise visit. Pack a big picnic lunch and spend a day exploring the Hawaiian island beauty paradise!

Information on Fiji and the Mamanuca islands holiday tours

To get a bird’s eye view of the many islands in the Fijian, you could charter a helicopter or seaplane from one of the many helicopter and aeroplane charter companies in Fiji. Soar above the beautiful Mamanuca islands and enjoy the breathtaking contrast of lilley snow white sands set against the beautiful turquoise blue Pacific Ocean. May, June and December are the best months to take one of these extensive tours because the waterfalls are particularly full and can be seen clearly from high above in the air.

Fiji is home to the world’s most beautiful soft coral reefs, and you must experience the beauty of this underwater world. Plan on taking scuba diving or snorkeling lessons to get you up close and personal with the sea’s most colorful characters. There are thousands of dive sites throughout the island chain, and the outer reef provides excellent opportunities for snorkeling for the less adventurous traveler. Do not miss the opportunity to experience the beauty and majesty of Fiji’s coral reef world.

Finally, no trip to Fiji would be complete without a must include visit to Navala Village. This Fijian village features homes that are cast from traditional materials that the native peoples used for centuries before any European contact. Their houses are known as bures and they are made traditionaly from bamboo and thatch. It's a great way to get a sample and taste of the rich customs of the native Fijian people and a chance to step back in time in this outstanding historic village.

A vacation or a holiday to Fiji is a opportunity to rest and unwind from the hustle and bustle that in today’s Western world. Why not give yourself what you deserve and bask in the friendly warmth of local Fijian customs and the amazing beauty of tropical rainforests and vast ocean reefs. Start planning your next getaway to this jewel in the Pacific and getaway to this enriching island chain.

Are you thinking about visiting Fiji? Don’t Miss These Awesome Attractions!

For those lucky enough to be visiting Fiji, there are a huge number of activities available that it's crazy to comprehend. However, with most travelers who do not have an unlimited budget or for that matter an unlimited amount of time to spend exploring the islands, one has to plan very carefully. When thinking about taking a trip to these beautiful islands in the Pacific, you must carefully plan what you are going to see and do and it is very important to include a list of your itinerary.

Firstly, any trip to Fiji must include a day cruise amongst the beautiful Mamanuca Islands. This chain of islands has over 30 tiny islands that can be found just off the Nadi coast. Some of these islands are uninhabited but they all provide a calm retreat from the active and busy main islands. Many cruise companies will offer a day trip that will hop around several of these islands. You will come face to face with magical dolphins, have the fantastic opportunity to enjoy fishing and snorkeling on the reefs and even enjoy a barbeque and a beer on the beach with your fellow cruise mates. This is the way to experience the vast culture and beauty of theses well known islands.

To experience the true beauty of Fiji, you must consider visiting the Bouma National Park which can be found on the island of Taveuni. This area is a protected tropical rain forest that has volcanoes, mountains and ranges, cliffs, beautiful blue waterfalls and a vast array of tropical flora and fauna. Enjoy hiking through the bush under the careful watch of your local guide or visit the Tavoro Falls which is a group of three waterfalls deep in the vast green jungle. Please make sure that you bring your camera or video equipment because you will want to capture the emerald beauty of a Fijian rain forest.

Outdoor recreation in Auckland, New Zealand

The Piha Canyon can offer visitors to Auckland another thrilling and outstanding experience. How about repelling down the steep walls of this canyon, between rushing fresh waterfalls, maybe exploring hidden caves and experience the thrill of jumping in to a mountain pool from the highest of heights. A good idea is to plan to spend an entire day exploring this region and be sure to pack your swimming attire because the beach at Piha is one of the most beautiful beaches in New Zealand. This beach can offer it's guests rock cliffs, clean crystal waters and amazing views of a rugged New Zealand coastline.

Auckland city and region is a great place to experience the thrills and spills of popular water sports as this city is surrounded by water. You can find plenty of rental companies willing to charter you a boat and/or water ski equipment. Anyone who wishes to see the amazing underwater world around New Zealand can particpate in a scuba dive at the Goat Island Dive who offer not only classes but also equipment to rent.

Whatever your definition of adventure is, Auckland city has something to offer you and you won't be disappointed. You can be rest assured that when you are ready to take a break from your extreme outdoor adventure pursuits, there are plenty of calm gardens and excellent cafe's to explore. Not forgeting to mention that as well as excellent opportunities for shopping which will help you unwind from a very busy day of exploring the great New Zealand wilderness!

Auckland is the place for highlights and adventure

Auckland is the largest and most populated city in New Zealand and is a very popular tourist destination among international visitors. This great kiwi city offers a huge variety of interesting activities, beautiful landscape, interesting climates and fantastic places ready to explore. It is home to 2 unique mountain ranges, close to 50 volcanoes, more than 50 islands and 3 individual harbours so this city has something for everyone!

For the daring tourist, there are track adventures that offer the chance to get up close and personal with the native bush life of New Zealand. You could rent your own four-wheeler from any number of tourist operators that with a short training session will enable you into and through forests and beaches on a guided tour! This would be a very fast-paced adventure for the whole family. Children over 5 could double with their parents and kids who are at least 14 years old could take their own four-wheeler on a tour.

For the total New Zealand extreme thrill in Auckland, head over to the AJ Hackett Bungee Experience! This adventure will give you the awesome opportunity to bungee jump from a specially incorporated platform on the Auckland Harbor Bridge! Also in addition to the extreme adrenaline rush of this highflying adventure, the jump will also offer one of the best views of Auckland city! Kids can participate as long as they are 10 or older.

To see an Auckland bungy jump click this link